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Don’t bite the apple Eve

Angela, only sixteen,
Seated on a bench on the busy streets,
Belly so large she can’t see her feet,
Heart so heavy she can barely breathe,
Baby mama with nowhere to sleep;
Mama been dead six years,
Daddy beat her so hard, nearly killed her
So she had to flee,
Baby daddy don’t wanna see her,
Says the youngin’ ein’t his.
Feeling on the bane of her body and soul,
This is it, the bitter end,
Love is foolish.
Wait, please! Don’t bite the apple Eve!

Njeri, young and independent,
Met a man so fine and suave, five months ago,
From a broken home to broken relationships,
This one felt like good fortune;
From quaint restaurants,
And ruby red roses,
To spontaneity and royal treatment.
Then Njeri gets late for their date,
He gets really mad, almost has them thrown out,
Apologizes later, and she thinks she’s in love.
Gets mad again, sees her talking to another guy,
Her cousin. Beats her up,
But takes good care of her afterwards.
And she knows she’s in love.
Don’t think she can stand his beatings and gets out,
But his cute puppy dog eyes pull her back, he looks so lonely.
Now she’s in hospital with cracked ribs and a broken leg,
Court case next month, restraining order will do for now,
Love is blind.
Listen, please! Don’t bite the apple, Eve!

Lillian, sweet Lillian with a conscience,
Oldest child in a family of eight.
Daddy died years ago
So mama worked from early evening to early morning
To make ends meet,
But got sucked in so deep; she met a beast,
Lost her soul, then eventually her body too,
And now lies cold six feet under.
So Lillian, next of kin,
Who had been defiled by the beast in plain sight of her mother,
has nothing left to lose, and jumps right into the cycle,
“to make ends meet.”
Now Lillian lies in a hospital bed,
With a terribly diseased body and an already departed soul,
and helplessly watches history repeat itself,
as Faith, just two years younger than Lillian,
and already with a daughter of her own,
now dances to the same twisted tune,
a Jezebel in her own right.
Life’s a brute.
Don’t bite the apple, Eve!

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